Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Check my ebay listings regularly for Sample designs & some barely worn clothes. Jim said I could go to TheDomesticDivas annual BBQ in New York City and I'm trying to fund the trip right now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A new Auction - A collaboration of Friends

I had the pleasure of working with Tam of Painted*Patooties to create this Jack & the Beanstalk outfit. She was inspired by the Japanese Import Jack & the Beanstalk fabric & I was inspired by her interpretation in the capris! A FABULOUS Back to School Outfit for thsoe HOT summer days at the beginning of thes school year. Make sure you check out both of our auctions. :)

Here's a link to Tam's auction for the capris:

Here's a link to my auction for the halter:

Flood Clean UP

WOWSA! I volunteered with my Father-n-law to help at George Wyth State Park in the clean up from the floods. We were told to bring loppers, gloves and anything else to make the clean up process go smooth.

So, we made it to the park & had to creatively park, as we were just 2 of hundreds of volunteers. They needed crews for trimming back bushes & trees from the trails as well as volunteers for painting picnic tables. Dad and I chose to clean one of the main trails with our handy dandy loppers. ;)

Before we even started the lady told us that where we were standing was about 6-7 feet under water. I couldn't believe it! Dad and I started working our bottoms off - for 2 1/2 hours I trimmed trees/bushes from the paths. He switched to painting after about an hour of this manual labor, but I thought he was pushing himself too much anyway. ;)

As I got farther back into the park, I was timming a tree that was all grey from the flood debris. I looked up and it was literally grey 6 feet above my head (I'm 5'9"). Well, stupid Beth moment, I shook the tree and the grey flood debris went all over me. Shortly thereafter, my body got red and blotchy, so I had to stop working and get home to shower.

The bad news is....we talked with a park ranger and he said the only reason the park hasn't reopened is that they have no electricity or water out to the park at this time. They have received one electric quote, but have to wait for FEMA to respond to their requests.

The good news is....through volunteer efforts, the park is looking much better & once they get electic & water back into the park - it will reopen knowing how much the community cares for it. I sit at home now...I just want to get back out to the park & work some more (I'll just stay away from the grey debris.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ebay Friends Meet

It all started 4 years ago when I was a member of CTC boutique and met Kelly - lexisboutiquecloset. She and I quickly became friends and been there for eachother in each of our trials & tribulations. Kelly has had many health problems in the last year and I vowed I would make a trip out to Maryland to meet her and her family.

We had a TOTAL blast with Kelly, Brian and Lexi! It felt like we were at home visiting with them & they truly made us feel welcome.

WELL....while we were out there I wanted to also meet Stacey of 4*my*princess*sarah now her id is 4*my*2*princesses. Stacey has been a customer of mine for 3 years, chat on the computer regularly & talk on the phone quite a bit. So, we met them at Dutch Wonderland and it was such a wonderful time to finally meet her too. :)

Kelly and I made the outfits for the girls to wear & finished them up 5 minutes before leaving for the amusement park. yeah, we were pushing it BIG time. LOL

Enjoy the pictures of our visit with them. I still have to edit our pictures from Ocean City, so be watching for more pictures. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Prima Ballerina

Just have to show off what we were up to this weekend. :)

Holly had ballet/tap rehearsal on Friday night and her performance Saturday night. I'm thinking she gets a bit of stage fright on stage, but she looked incredible on stage again this year.

The Posed picture is before the Saturday Program and the 2 on stage are from Friday's Dress Rehearsal. :)


Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's a Wet, Saturated WEEK

Well, for those of you who don't know...Iowa is WET! On Tuesday night the Cedar River crested in Cedar Falls at a record breaking high 102.9 (I think). Why Cedar Falls has a different measurement than the rest of the cities around us, I am utterly confused. However, either way you look at it...the river was SUPER high & is wreaking havoc in cities south of us. I'm sure many of you are hearing about Cedar Rapids and Iowa City on TV, but that is not where I live. ;) So, for those of you worried about us...we do not live near the river, did not get water in our basement & are for the most part doing fine.

Jim's office is another story - Thank God he designed and implemented a disaster recovery plan 4 or 5 years ago for the servers he manages. When the utility company started taking on water in the building, he was able to go to his DR site & get to work on setting up office at another location.

Anyway...this is CFU - not sure if it is the highest the water was on the building, but pretty close.

I will say, the water has gone down faster than I thought it would, but the clean up is going to be a nasty job.